Joel Weinmaster Bio

In 1998, Joel founded Masterhouse Media in Vancouver, British Columbia. Masterhouse launched its first property, in 1999 which became the go-to web destination for nightlife information and one of the earlier forms of social media. From Joel’s start in the dot com era, to promoting the evolution of traditional media through to Internet advertising, to developing the Vancouver Nightlife Awards in 2004, Joel has worked on conception, creation, development and growth of one of Canada’s largest web brands and its subsidiary properties. As a consultant and project manager, Joel has authored strategic marketing plans for national brands such as Labatt, Molson, TELUS, Party Poker and Hpnotiq.

Programming the original Clubvibes site by hand complemented with 16+ years in entertainment marketing, has given Joel a unique perspective on software design and marketing products. He is currently our lead digital strategist and oversees digital and web project management at JLE Media Group.